Wholesale Food Suppliers

Gela Wholesale Food Suppliers are in constant evolution, a dynamic company offering unique products to the market place. We supply a wide variety of products, all truly Italian / Mediterian tapas food from a geniue, time-honoured, reliable, regional quality Food Suppliers and Food Distributor.

We have developed the trust and respect of our customer both in Europe and beyond.

 Quality, taste, and innovation are the spirit of our Food Products and Foodservice.

Tradition, passion, professionalism and excellence are our trademark as a Wholesale Food Manufacturer

Our Frozen Food range is truly groundbreaking in their entry into the food industry.

Just try these products once!!

Our products are prevalent in venues such as

  • Weddings, and celebration events
  • Restaurants and Hotels
  • Wine bars, Cocktails Bar and Nightclubs
  • Corporate and Hospitality events
  • Stadia Events and Cruise ships

The opportunity presents itself! Seize it! A life changing culinary experience.

If you would like to talk to us about obtaining an distributorship outside UK, please send us an email to info@gelafrozenfood.com

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