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Italy is not only famous for its secret pyramids (Pizzas) or the pasta, but also for its authentic food. These Italian dishes have became very popular worldwide due to their lip-licking taste. 
Pizzas and pastas are the leading Italian dishes. Now have you tried the Olive Ascolane, very famous in Italy.

Olive Ascolana picked amongst 14 picks for the top food in Toronto

“Giovanna Alonzi, the chef at the Terroni group’s Osteria Ciceri e Tria, spends a lot of her time travelling in Italy in search of the sorts of rustic recipes that are the foundations of the mini-chain’s formula. Olive Ascolane, from Ascoli Piceno, near the Adriatic coast, has to be her greatest find. Alonzi stuffs large, mild olives with mortadella, pork, beef, pecorino and spices, then rolls them in bread crumbs and deep-fries them to an absurdly delicious golden green. They’re cheesy, meaty and salty little poppers, with a briny olive pucker. And they’re easily the best thing that’s ever happened to the humble fruit.”

Read Full Article in Toronto Life, October 29, 2010

Deep-Fried Olives

“A while ago I wrote about the fried olive-bread balls Jackie and I had eaten ages ago in Italy, but the other week we were, again, in London and ran into something just as irresistible and more intensely flavorful: deep-fried olives. A first for us, though they’re really not all that uncommon. These were served with drinks at the new restaurant tacked onto the side of Grosvenor House hotel: Corrigan’s Mayfair, which — at least in wintertime — specializes in game. My hare and Jackie’s steamed game pudding (a real old-fashioned one glistening with suet) were both terrific…“

Read Full Article by Edward Schneider in New York Times, December 15, 2008

Chef’s Secret: Fried olives will star at your party table

"Last year, I tasted delicious fried green olives at Olives restaurant on North Main Street. They were delicious with only one drawback — they made me so thirsty, I was “forced” to order another martini."

Read Full Article by Gail Ciampa, September, 2010

20 Things We Love About Italy

“Olive Ascolane, Le Marche. The earthy cuisine of the Marches (Le Marche) is finally getting its due thanks to the fantastic cookbook Cucina of Le Marche by Fabio Trabocchi. Certainly no book on the cucina marchigiana would be complete without a recipe for Olive Ascolane – fried, stuffed olives. Yum! “

Read Full Article by Melanie on 14. Feb, 2008 who puts the Olive Ascolane at number 8

The Future is Frozen

Frozen Food does not have to mean a poorer quality option than fresh!

“Manufacturers of frozen food are trying feverishly to shake off the perception that the frozen food cabinet offers a poorer quality option than fresh, by upping product quality. The £4bn frozen food market is undergoing a period of change. Traditionally a category dominated by major brands, smaller players are now taking the driving seat. ..”

Read Full Article by Nicola Cottam in The Grocer, September 05, 2005

Why Frozen Food Growth is Thawing Out?

“Given the consumer trends of increased eating at home and a desire for reduced wastage and better value for money, the Frozen sector is well positioned to benefit ...”

Read Full Article by Mark Wilkinson from IRI UK

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